HIV, Stigma and Discrimination

Living with HIV now is a very different experience to what it was ten or twenty years ago, and living with HIV in the UK is quite different to living with HIV in some other parts of the world. We now know that people living with HIV who are on succesful treatment and have an […]

HIV Stigma…one man goes public!

There is still a lot of ignorance and fear about HIV in the mind of the general population. To help people understand a bit more about HIV today, someone who was recently diagnosed has written an account of his experiences on Facebook. He says that HIV testing is quick and easy; HIV treatment today is […]

New Information Campaigns…”Can’t Pass It On” and “U=U”

There are a couple of campaigns that are trying to reduce the stigma associated with HIV. Both have the same message, but use different slogans. THT has a campaign called “Can’t Pass it on”:,4ZU5D,GNFZ55,J0X60,1 They say: Medical evidence has shown that people on effective HIV treatment can’t pass it on. If everyone knew this, we […]

Myths about HIV still commonplace in UK today

This World AIDS Day, Terrence Higgins Trust worked with YouGov to survey over 2,000 adults to reveal the extent to which myths and inaccuracies about HIV are still prevalent in Great Britain: One in five thinks that HIV can be transmitted through kissing. One in three believe that sharing a toothbrush with someone who is HIV […]

Stigma remains an issue…

In an era of widespread HIV treatment and undetectable viral load, stigma remains a persistent feature in the lives of almost half of people living with diagnosed HIV in the UK, according to a recent study.  Anticipated stigma (the person with HIV expecting someone else to have a poor opinion or bad reaction to them) was frequently […]

Heterosexual Identity Crisis

In the UK, the two groups most affected by HIV are gay men, and people of African origin. In this article, one of the other affected groups – a straight, white male – describes his feelings of shame, stigma and isolation. It is an interesing perspective, and highlights how important it is that no group […]

HIV-related Stigma and Discrimination

Despite the enormous progress in treating HIV in the UK. there is still a lot of ignorance and stigma in the general population, and regrettably, also sometimes in organisations like the NHS, social care providers, the police and judiciary. The UK Stigma Index 2015 aims to identify whether people living with HIV in the UK experience […]