HIV Drug Resistance in Steep Decline

The number of people with HIV that is resistant to some anti-HIV drugs has fallen significantly in recent years, according to a recent Swiss study. A drug-resistant HIV strain is one which is less susceptible to the effects of one or more anti-HIV drugs. Having drug-resistant HIV limits the range of drugs you can use, but […]

Resistance testing and viral load

HIV can become resistant to antiretroviral drugs. Drug resistance can develop if you are taking HIV treatment that does not fully suppress the virus, and it can cause your current HIV treatment to stop working effectively. Viral load, which should drop when you start a new drug combination, will increase again if drug-resistant HIV develops. This […]

Prevalence of drug-resistant HIV has fallen dramatically

HIV can become resistant to antiretroviral drugs, particularly if adherence is poor or intermittent. The presence of drug-resistant virus allows HIV to replicate, reducing CD4 cell count, and increasing the risk of illness and death. A recent large retrospective study has shown that there has been a significant fall in the proportion of HIV-positive people in Western […]