Lung Cancer

It is well known that smoking raises the risk of lung cancer. There have also been studies to show that the risk of lung cancer is greater for people living with HIV (PLWH). A new study has shown that the risk is especially high for people who at some time in the past had a severely […]

Cancer Risks

A large and well-conducted study on the risk of developing cancer has just been published. In recent years, cancer has become more common among people living with HIV (PLWH) – partly because PLWH are living longer. HIV’s impact on the immune system also contributes to high cancer rates.  The researchers looked at data on 86,620 people living […]

HIV and Lung Cancer

It has long been well-established that smoking is a major risk factor for lung cancer. Studies have also shown that the incidence of smokers is larger in the HIV-positive population than in the general population, so higher rates of lung cancer in people living with HIV is perhaps not surprising. However, recent studies have shown […]