Heart Disease in People Living With HIV

An interesting paper from the recent CROI meeting…not great news, though, and confirming what other researchers have been saying. Having HIV make the risk of heart disease (including things likes strokes, heart attacks, peripheral arterial disease) more likely: http://www.aidsmap.com/page/3248843/?utm_source=NAM-Email-Promotion&utm_medium=aidsmap-news&utm_campaign=aidsmap-news The reasons for this are not well understood, and does not appear to be related to […]

Increased Risk of Heart Attack

A new study shows that the risk of heart attack increases the longer someone has been living with HIV. This is an ‘extra’ effect, on top of what can be expected as people get older and in addition to the impact that some anti-HIV drugs may have on the risk of heart attack. This is likely to […]

Heart attack link to abacavir persists in D:A:D study

In March 2008,  the D:A:D study, a large study totalling over 30,000 participants, first published results showing an almost doubled risk of heart attack in people taking abacavir.  Some other studies, though, have found no evidence of increased risk. D:A:D’s own evidence suggests the increased risk is only significant in people who already have risk factors for a […]