If there are any aspects of HIV that are of concern, or worrying you, you are very welcome to call our office during office hours.

Perhaps you are worried you’ve been at risk of contracting HIV, or are thinking about taking an HIV test, or you’ve just been diagnosed and want to chat with someone about how you feel?  If you have any questions or fears about HIV, and don’t know who to turn to, we can help. We will do their best to answer your HIV and sexual health questions, in confidence, there and then if we can. If we can’t answer your questions immediately, we can find out the answers and get back to you. We have over 20 years’ experience of taking calls from people who need HIV-related support and guidance.

If you don’t know where to go for a discreet, same-day HIV test, we can help. We can explain the test procedure, explain when you will get your results and describe what the results actually mean. We can tell you where your nearest same-day HIV testing clinic is.

Out of hours information about matters relating to HIV may be available from other organisations who are able to staff 24-hour helplines. The best known are:

THT Direct (not 24 hour, no weekend cover)




The Sexual Health Line