NYAA has counsellors and/or details of counselling services in North Yorkshire and York. We can offer free, short term local counselling for anyone living with or affected by HIV. Counsellors are experienced counselling professionals who are trained, at least, to Diploma Standard and belong to recognised Professional associations. All independant counsellors have a good understanding of the specific issues faced by people infected with, or directly affected by HIV.

Our Counselling Service can offer:

  • Free short term local counselling for people living with HIV.
  • Free short term local counselling for partners of people with HIV.
  • Counselling for couples (where one or both is living with HIV).
  • Specialist Psychosexual counselling.
  • Information about counselling agencies locally who can provide longer term counselling or specialised work (such as help with drug or alcohol problems).
  • A list of qualified, private counsellors and therapists for anyone wishing to arrange counselling independently.