Yusef Azad is National AIDS Trust (NAT) Director of Strategy. He was closely involved in the work done over the past few years to see whether or not PrEP would be effective at reducing the number of new HIV cases in the UK in a cost-effective way. He has written a blog about the NHS U-turn on PrEP. He says:

Rarely has a u-turn, rarely has a breach of trust, been so misleadingly announced. Reading NHS England’s press release, ‘Update on commissioning and provision of PrEP for HIV prevention’ (21 March 2016), you would think the NHS were simply clarifying progress to date and the well understood responsibilities for the commissioning of PrEP. In fact this press release was the announcement of a shocking U-turn as NHS England suddenly abandoned its own process for the approval of PrEP, just before its conclusion, with nothing to replace it bar some loose change found down the back of the sofa.

The full detail can be found here.