North Yorkshire AIDS Action (NYAA) is a Voluntary Organisation founded to respond to the challenge of HIV and AIDS in North Yorkshire.



The aims of NYAA are:

  • to respond to the expressed needs of people living with or affected by HIV or AIDS for personal support, information and resources. Within the resources available, services will be developed in consultation with Service Users.
  • to work collaboratively with other HIV-related services in the statutory, voluntary and independent sectors in achieving agreed local objectives in respect of HIV treatment, care and prevention.  Within this partnership approach, NYAA will contribute to the wider promotion of public and sexual health in North Yorkshire.
  • challenge prejudice and discrimination in respect of people living with, or affected by, HIV and AIDS.
  • raise awareness about HIV and AIDS in the general population of North Yorkshire through prevention work, education and training.
  • act as a force for change in campaigning on behalf of people affected by HIV infection.

The Volunteers and Staff of NYAA will provide high-quality and cost-effective services which are accessible, accountable, appropriate, confidential and non-judgmental.