World AIDS Day 2011 – HIV Statistics for the UK

Every year, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) buy viagra publishes its annual HIV statistics for the previous year. Key findings for the year are that there is an all-time high for new diagnoses in gay men – an estimated 3000 diagnoses. The proportion of new diagnoses that are termed “late” – when there has been […]

Hillary Clinton Expresses U.S. Commitment to Creating “AIDS-Free Generation”

In a speech by a top U.S. official addressing HIV, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton this week committed the U.S. to ramping up its efforts to create the first “AIDS-free generation” by employing a range of prevention efforts, including the “treatment as prevention” approach. Focusing almost entirely on resource-poor countries, Clinton announced new […]

Many HIV-Diagnosed Have Excellent Life Expectancy

A new research paper has suggested that with timely diagnosis and starting HIV treatment promptly, average life expectancy (for gay men) is typically expected to be 75 years. This increased to 78 years if the man didn’t smoke. Life expectancy was shorter for those who were diagnosed late (i.e. with a low CD4 count), but was still above […]