Alcohol increases desire for sex without condoms

This is something we might all have expected to be the case, but now, systematic study has shown that it is indeed so. Alcohol consumption has an impact on the intention of individuals to have unprotected sex, according to the results of a systematic review and meta-analysis published in the journal Addiction. “The higher the blood […]

Patients on HIV therapy have an increased risk of both stress and fragility bone fractures; no link to specific drug

A new study suggests that HIV patients taking antiretroviral therapy have an increased risk of fractures typically associated with low bone mineral density. It is now well established that HIV-positive patients have an increased risk of developing low bone mineral density. The inflammation caused by HIV, and the low body weight seen in many patients with […]

Long-term use of HIV drugs is safe

A large international study has provided persuasive evidence of the long-term safety of antiretroviral therapy. It is now well recognised that effective antiretroviral therapy has significantly improved the life expectancy of many patients with HIV. However, HIV ARV drugs can cause side-effects, and treatment with some specific drugs has been linked to an increased risk of […]

NYAA Website

Welcome to the new NYAA website! We hope that you find this new website easy to use, and helpful. We would certainly welcome your comments, and please let us know if there are any errors or problems with the site. You can find buy generic viagra our contact details here, or leave a comment by filling […]

Microbicide Trial Halted

A microbicide is a topical agent that, when applied to a mucosal surface, serves as a barrier to infection. Microbicides can come in the form of a gel, cream, foam, or ring. There is a lot of work being done to see if a microbicides can be developed that protects against HIV, from either vaginal or […]


In this section, news articles that may be of interest are posted regularly. They are listed below in chronological order, but you can go to the sub-menu on the right of the page to see news in various categories – General HIV News; HIV Treatment News; and NYAA News. Or you can used the drop-down […]

New Once-a-Day Drugs Get Approval

In recent years, HIV drugs have been combined, to make them easier to take by reducing the number of pills that need to be swallowed. Perhaps the most well-know example of this is Atripla, a one pill, once-a-day HIV treatment containing efavirenz, emtricitabine, and tenofovir. Efavirenz is a type of medicine called a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase […]

World AIDS Day 1st December 2011

This is an important day for raising awareness about HIV.  In York, the Red Ribbon flag was flown from the Minster, and the North Yorkshire AIDS Memorial Quilt was displayed inside the Minster.  In addition, the OUTrageous club night at Vanity / Blue Fly in York city centre donated all of Friday’s entrance fees viagra […]