An oral combination therapy of two antiretroviral drugs, the non-nucleoside rilpivirine (Edurant, also inEviplera/Complera) and the new integrase inhibitor GSK1265744 (744), was at least as effective as a standard nucleosides-plus-efavirenz triple combination in keeping viral load undetectable in people taking it. This dual combination was a maintenance therapy, meaning that patients did not start on it as their first treatment combination, but switched to it after six months on a conventional triple therapy combination, as long as they had a viral load under 50 copies/ml (often referred to as non-detectable).  These new drugs remain so long in the body that the potential exists for them to be used as injectable formulations that could be administered once a month instead of taking pills. Now we know they are safe to use together as an oral maintenance therapy, there will be a new trial of them as an injected maintenance therapy. They might also be used for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

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