WP_20151102_11_28_00_ProNYAA celebrated Halloween by having a spooktacular social event at their premises, by invitation only. The whole area was wonderfully decorated with suitably macabre items and with cobwebs and eerie lighting – just enough to see who you were talking to! There was a great turnout, with folk not only from York, but also from other parts of North Yorkshire. People were able to meet up with familiar faces, and also meet some new faces, and then be able to chat in a completely safe and informal environment. Judging by the banter and laughter, it seems like people had a great time! They were also treated to a wonderful spicy chilli con carne (or a vegetarian option – sin carne?), followed by a delicious array of cakes, as well as nibbles and soft drinks, of course. And everyone left with a suitable treat – a party bag of Halloween sweets!

There were some less welcome guests, too…







If you are interested in learning more about NYAA’s social events, please contact the NYAA office. Contact details can be found here.