river-trialThe Sunday Times yesterday (2/10/2016) reported that HIV had become undetectable in the blood of one man taking part in the RIVER study, a trial of an intensive treatment regimen designed to test whether it is possible to reduce levels of HIV-infected cells in the bodies of people recently infected with HIV. The researchers hope that the treatment may eradicate HIV infection altogether.

The Sunday Times reported that British scientists are on the “brink of an HIV cure”. In fact, the study is still in its early stages and will not be able to describe participants as “cured” until extensive follow-up has taken place. Investigator Professor Sarah Fidler of Imperial College, London, told The Sunday Times that participants in the study will be followed for five years.

Although this is an interesting study, it is far too early to suggest a cure is near. More details about the trial can be found here.

The trial is being run by the Medical Research Council. Their website also has more detailed information about the RIVER trial. They have also added comments about the media coverage on their site…see here.