NYAA is committed to working towards the improved well-being of those living with or affected by HIV living in North Yorkshire and York, by proving a range of support and advocacy services. To this end, NYAA will work in partnership both operationally and strategically with other organisations and bodies, as appropriate. NYAA will advocate and campaign to try to achieve its aims, without being prescriptive.

NYAA expects those who work with and for it to demonstrate that they can represent and promote the following values and principles:


respectValue each person as an individual

Act in a way that does not discriminate or oppress on the grounds of race or ethnicity, gender, ability, sexual orientation, age, health status, immigration status, religion or economic status

Ensure confidentiality is explained, including its limitations, and then kept (within those limits)

Allow people to make their own informed choices around their sexual health, sexuality and well-being unless their welfare or that of others is threatened

Understand the potential for conflict between communities and individuals


supportEnsure services and individual interactions with service users are designed and implemented to improves their welfare and well-being

Ensure that resources are used to the best effect so that the welfare of individual service users and services as a whole are improved

Social Justice

Encourage respect for diversity through service delivery and polices

Challenge discrimination and social injustice

Professional Principles

Recognise and draw the distinction between being supportive and caring, and the need to maintain an appropriate professional relationship

Not to develop close personal and/or sexual relationships with people we work with

Take care not to create dependency or co-dependency

Avoid gate keeping and holding on to service users

Signpost, refer and collaborate with other agencies and workers for the benefit of service users