Confidentiality and trust is fundamental to the relationship between the service user and service provider. Information about an individual service user, volunteer or employee is deemed always to be confidential unless that individual gives consent for information to be disclosed.

Within service delivery and personal support or supervision there must be a shared understanding of the boundaries of confidentiality between individuals and between the organisation, its service users, staff and members.

No one in contact with NYAA or working within the organisation¬†can assume that they have “a right (or need) to know”. Only the individual concerned has the right to decide who should be informed. Only information agreed by the individual concerned may be given to others.

There are certain circumstances, however, where exceptions must be made. If there is a perceived risk of self-harm, or of abuse or harm to another, then appropriate protocols may need to be followed, and other authorities or agencies may need to be informed.

NYAA’s full policy on Confidentiality can be seen here.