A new treatment for Hepatitis C (HCV) has been shown to work as well for people who have HIV and hepatitis co-infection as it does for people who only have Hepatitis C. The treatment is a pill which combines two drugs, grazoprevir and elbasvir, and is taken once a day for twelve weeks. Older HCV treatments, involving interferon injections, do not always work as well and cause unpleasant side-effects. But the newer generation of tablets for HCV have excellent results, even in people also living with HIV.

In this study, 93% of people had a sustained virological response (undetectable hepatitis C RNA) twelve weeks after finishing treatment. This means that they have cleared HCV from their body (HCV can be cured, unlike HIV). The treatment was safe and well-tolerated. Results were as good regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, HCV genotype (1a, 1b or 4), HCV viral load, or whether they had liver cirrhosis (late stage HCV that causes scarring of the liver).

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