Positive Support Services in North Yorkshire and York

yshNYAA provides support for people in North Yorkshire and York who are living with or affected by HIV. From 1st July 2015, our support services will be delivered as part of our Partnership with York Teaching Hospital NHS under the recognised name YorSexualHealth.


On this website, you can find more information about who we are in the “About NYAA” section and what we do – what services we can provide – in the “Services” section. There is also an overview of information about HIV and HIV treatment in the “Information About HIV” section, with suggestions on where to find reliable, more detailed information. And there is also a “News” section, for news not only about NYAA, but also about things to do with HIV that might be of interest.

You can find our contact details here.

Topics on this page include the following: you can jump to them by clicking on the headings below:

Latest HIV Treatment News

Antiretroviral Fact sheets

Aidsmap has produced a useful summary sheet of the major ARVs used in the UK:


There are also one-page, more detailed, fact sheets for every drug:


These are useful summaries in everyday language, and easier to read than the huge factsheets supplied by the drug companies.

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Latest HIV General News

Women and HIV: Invisible No More

In the UK, women make top about a third of the HIV population. Yes there is a feeing that women’s issues have not been addressed. Certainly, in the early to mid 20th century, most medical research centred on men…trials tended to have few women participants. So the whole healthcare system was skewed towards men. Although things are improving somewhat, nonethelss, even today a lot of treatments were developed with primarly men as patients, then just “rolled out” to women. Yet we know that women’s bodies differ significantly from men, and so that simple assumptions may not be valid.

Women and HIV: Invisible No Longer was a one-year project led by Sophia Forum and Terrence Higgins Trust. It aimed to set out clear recommendations for policy and service development to ensure that greater focus is given to women affected by HIV. The project used existing evidence and generated new data with over 340 women involved in the project’s surveys and workshops. It aimed to provide a comprehensive overview of the situation for women in the UK living with or vulnerable to acquiring HIV. The project was focused on all women including trans women. It focused on women of any sexuality, any ethnicity, whether they do or do not have children, or are pregnant. The project was co-produced with women living with and affected by HIV.

You can read the full report here:

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Latest NYAA News

World AIDS Day 2017

 On and around World AIDS Day, NYAA displays the North Yorkshire AIDS Memorial Quilt in locations around the county. You can read about the Quilt here. Sharon Stoltz, Director Public Health York Council, and Cllr Runciman came to the NYAA office to see the preparations for the Quilt display and hear about our services.The Quilt will be displayed in Malton Hospital Outpatients B Waiting Room from November 23rd (the Malton Gazette are going to publish a report on this). It will be displayed there until Tuesday morning, 28th November.


It will be in York District Hospital on World AIDS Day Friday 1st December.

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