Positive Support Services in North Yorkshire and York

yshNYAA provides support for people in North Yorkshire and York who are living with or affected by HIV. From 1st July 2015, our support services will be delivered as part of our Partnership with York Teaching Hospital NHS under the recognised name YorSexualHealth.


On this website, you can find more information about who we are in the “About NYAA” section and what we do – what services we can provide – in the “Services” section. There is also an overview of information about HIV and HIV treatment in the “Information About HIV” section, with suggestions on where to find reliable, more detailed information. And there is also a “News” section, for news not only about NYAA, but also about things to do with HIV that might be of interest.

You can find our contact details here.

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Latest HIV Treatment News

HIV: The Long View


A multi-disciplinary group of clinicians, experts and advocates in HIV have produced a report exploring how today’s trends in medical care and society might impact living with HIV in Western Europe in 20 years time. They say:

HIV can no longer be just about prolonging life. For the HIV community, today’s challenge is making sure longer life goes hand in hand with a healthier life.

HIV: The Long View initiative aims to understand the key changes affecting the overall healthcare landscape to uncover how we can ensure a lifetime of good health for people living with HIV. Our goal is to help set up the long-term vision for the HIV community and identify what needs to be done today to make sure it happens.

Their website, with a downloadable report, is available here.

The panel is quite impressive…but beware!…the project was funded by a parma. Having said that, I don’t detect a “hand of pharma” in the output! The report is interesting, readable and raises interesting issues. Their summary includes:

When investigating these trends and their implications specifically for HIV, it is possible
to imagine a future in 20 years’ time in Western Europe where:

• The rate of new HIV infections will have dropped substantially
• Life expectancy is at an all-time high for people living with HIV
• Over 90% of people living with HIV have had undetectable viral loads for over 10 years
• Technology will have enabled a new integrated care model where doctors of various specialties work together centred around the HIV patient

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Latest HIV General News

Cure for HIV?


river-trialThe Sunday Times yesterday (2/10/2016) reportedthat HIV had become undetectable in the blood of one man taking part in the RIVER study, a trial of an intensive treatment regimen designed to test whether it is possible to reduce levels of HIV-infected cells in the bodies of people recently infected with HIV. The researchers hope that the treatment may eradicate HIV infection altogether.

The Sunday Times reported that British scientists are on the “brink of an HIV cure”. In fact, the study is still in its early stages and will not be able to describe participants as “cured” until extensive follow-up has taken place. Investigator Professor Sarah Fidler of Imperial College, London, told The Sunday Timesthat participants in the study will be followed for five years.

Although this is an interesting study, it is far too early to suggest a cure is near. More details about the trial can be found here.

The trial is being run by the Medical Research Council. Their website also has more detailed information about the RIVER trial. They have also added comments about the media coverage on their site…seehere.

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