Positive Support Services in North Yorkshire and York

yshNYAA provides support for people in North Yorkshire and York who are living with or affected by HIV. From 1st July 2015, our support services will be delivered as part of our Partnership with York Teaching Hospital NHS under the recognised name YorSexualHealth.


On this website, you can find more information about who we are in the “About NYAA” section and what we do – what services we can provide – in the “Services” section. There is also an overview of information about HIV and HIV treatment in the “Information About HIV” section, with suggestions on where to find reliable, more detailed information. And there is also a “News” section, for news not only about NYAA, but also about things to do with HIV that might be of interest.

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Latest HIV Treatment News

ZERO: no linked HIV transmissions in PARTNER study after couples had sex 58,000 times without condoms

partnerstudyThe PARTNER study is a large international study. It looked at the risk of HIV transmission when viral load is undetectable on HIV treatment (ART). The study enrolled 1166 couples where one partner was HIV positive and on ART, and the other was HIV negative. In order to join the study, couples had to already be having sex without condoms. The study enrolled both gay and straight couples and the average age was about 40 years old.

The main results were that there were no linked HIV transmissions from the HIV positive to the negative partner. This was after about 58,000 times when couples had sex without using condoms.

To be included in the results, viral load had to be undetectable at the most recent test. Undetectable in this study was defined as being less than 200 copies/mL. The results were not affected by other STIs. They were not affected by likely viral load blips between viral load tests.

The lack of HIV transmissions should challenge the wrongly held common assumption that there is always a risk just because someone is HIV positive.

The results actually go further. The lack of transmission challenges scientists to prove that transmission is actually possible when viral load is undetectable.

The PARTNER study – as with other studies – suggests that there is likely to be a level of viral load where HIV transmission does not occur. PARTNER suggests this might be at 50 copies/mL, or at 200 copies/mL or perhaps even higher.

The research is discussed here, with a helpful Q&A section here.

The full academic study is available free on the JAMA website.


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Latest HIV General News

Prince Harry tested for HIV to raise awareness about condition


Prince Harry has been tested for HIV in an effort to raise awareness about the condition and encourage others to get checked out. The prince walked into a sexual health clinic in Burrell Street, central London, to have the finger-prick test – for which he tested negative. The 31-year-old has made raising awareness about HIV and AIDS a major element of his public work.

There’s a short video of the test, and the full article, here.

Latest NYAA News

Easter Get-together 2016


NYAA held an Easter get-together at its offices in York. We were lucky to have a wonderfully sunny (if somewhat chilly!) day for it, and there was a good turnout of staff, friends and acquaintances. It was a great chance to meet and catch up over tea and cakes…or hot BBQ sausage buns for those who preferred a savoury snack!

Drop-ins will be held for coffee, cakes and catch-up over the next few months, not only in York, but also in Harrogate and Scarborough. Please contact the offce for more details.

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